This is my version of a radio show.  You won’t be able to listen to the live show anywhere, but can experience it in your own head should you choose to follow along.  I structure the playlists to have instrumental breaks between sets, where you can read information about the music you’ve just heard instead of listening to a DJ tell you.  Sure it’s always better having someone do the work for you, but I don’t have the kind of money to start a radio show.  This will have to do for now!

I have been making mix-tapes, CD-Rs, playlists and other themed soundtracks since the age of 13.  Once Napster hit the Earth I used every megabyte of space on my IBM computer to build my library.  After I got a job, I decided to buy used CDs and rip them onto my computer to further increase my library.  All the while creating perfect playlists for my friends, lovers, and any acquaintance who wanted some tunes.

I’ve always been a huge Bob Dylan fan, and his Theme Time Radio Hour show is by far my favorite radio program ever.  I truly enjoy connecting songs via the countless pathways available; whether it be same title, same producer, or same subject matter.  Bringing things full circle in a radio show gives it structure and continuity.  It makes life grand.  I discovered Little Steven’s Underground Garage in my 20s, and realized there are other great radio shows still in circulation.