cropped-image1.jpgFeel Me Flow is a playlist blog with sounds centralized in garage rock and soul.  While we mix in tunes from every genre imaginable, we keep our base in the garage.  As long as the songs flow together and make you feel, we’re doing our job.  The focus gets put on how the songs blend together and finding songs that aren’t super conventional.  We look for songs that you might not have heard and pair them with bigger hits, giving the lesser known hits equal “radio play”.  Any genre is possible, any artist could show up, all tunes are welcome here (except hate music).  Feel Me Flow’s main objective is to give the listener/reader an experience similar to the old days of album-oriented radio.  

Note: Spotify needed for the full experience!spotify

Episode Concept: 

Optional: Set your Spotify crossfade to 5-6 seconds for optimal transitions between songs.

Each episode starts and ends with instrumental songs to read along to.  Additionally, after each set of songs is an instrumental song to read to.  The idea is to speak like you’re your own DJ, or create a persona in your head should you choose.  We enjoy the idea of providing facts and reasons behind each set and episode and take pride in our “enhanced playlists”.  Stop back between sets and catch up on some song facts, or just enjoy the breaks between songs; the choice is yours!