FMF Episode #30 – Yeah

Intro Background Music

FMF# Artist Song Album Year

Los Straitjackets

“Yeah Yeah Yeah”

Jet Set


DJ:   Yeah yeah yeah! Welcome to another yeah-tastic episode of Feel Me Flow!  Today we’re digging into one of the most used lyrics of all time; “Yeah”.  One of the best phonetic sounds to lend its use to modern music, “yeah” is typically used to help build up crescendos, fill bridge gaps, kick off a powerful intro, or stress the importance of the lyric.  We’re gonna hear all kinds of uses for it in our show today.  Leading things off is a song that’s sure to get your blood flowing.  Taken from their 1978 debut LP, Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!, the Side-1 Track-1 kick-off “Uncontrollable Urge” starts you on a weird new wave journey through a Brian Eno-produced romper.  Known for this track, and their cover of  “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”, the album would be just a taste of what’s to come.  I’ll give you a hint; it involves a bit of BDSM and some funny red hats.

Set 1 – Stones & Pearls

FMF# Artist Song Album Year


“Uncontrollable Urge”

Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!



The Vibrators

“Yeah, Yeah, Yeah”

Pure Mania



Larry Williams

“She Said, ‘Yeah'”

Bad Boy / She Said, “Yeah” – 7″ Single



Pearl Jam

“The Fixer”




Brand New

“Sowing Season (Yeah)”

The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Of Me


Intermission 1 Background Music




Floral EP


DJ:  Taken from an emo masterpiece album about the struggles of inner demons, we heard “Sowing Season (Yeah)” from Brand New.  The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Of Me is hailed as the band’s magnum opus, a pinnacle in songwriting, and marks a turning point in their career and style.  Before that, we heard Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam doing “The Fixer”.  If you didn’t notice, the song was included due to the “yeah yeah yeah” chorus and because Pearl Jam rocks.  DEVO kicked off our set with the lead track from their debut.  That album features a cover of The Rolling Stones’ “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”.  After DEVO, we played Stones’ hometown fellows The Vibrators.  London’s early punk pioneers put out their debut, Pure Mania, in 1977.  After London’s rumbling punkers, we heard a song the Stones covered on their 1965 LP Out Of Our Heads, or December’s Children (And Everybody’s) in the US.  Larry Williams released “She Said, “Yeah” as a b-side to his single “Bad Boy“.  The Beatles recorded “Bad Boy” on Larry’s birthday in 1965, while the Stones recorded “She Said, ‘Yeah'” later that year.  Next up is R.E.M. doing one of the singles from their smash 1992 album Automatic For The People.  Here’s “Man On The Moon”.

Set 2 – Kaufman, Ponies, and Lips

FMF# Artist Song Album Year


“Man On The Moon”

Automatic For The People



Yeah Yeah Yeahs

“10 x 10”




Bo Diddley

“Oh Yea”

Go Bo Diddley



Tommy James & The Shondells

“Mony Mony”

Mony Mony



The Flaming Lips

“The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song”

At War With The Mystics


Intermission 2 Background Music



“Ahh Ha Oh Yeah”

Brown Lounge, Vol. 1


DJ:  What would YOU do with all that power?  Great question!  Wayne Coyne proclaims that power is like money in that is should be earned and not given to you.  True words, Wayne.  Speaking of mony, Tommy James & The Shondells played us “Mony Mony” from their album of the same name.  The song features plenty of “yeahs”, and the unique chorus lyric comes from the Mutual of New York logo that was on top of the building located at 1740 Broadway in New York City.  Tommy was struggling with finding a hook for the chorus and wanted something catchy like “Sloopy” or “Boney Maroney“; the latter of which was written by our previous man of topic Larry Williams. walked outside the building he was staying in only to look up to see the MONY logo.  A wedding dance staple was born that day.  After starting their career as seminal Celtic punk pioneers, The Pogues would move towards a more generic rock sound later in their years.  With the release of the 1988 EP single Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah and subsequent album Peace And Love, they’d even dabble in jazz-inspired tracks.  Let’s here that rock sound with Shane MacGowan and The Pogues doing “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah”.

Set 3 – Peace, Love, & Lightning

FMF# Artist Song Album Year

The Pogues

“Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah”

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah – 12″ Single



Liam Finn

“Lead Balloon”

I’ll Be Lightning



Jackie Wilson

“Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!”

Baby Workout




“Yeah Yeah Yeah”





“Yeah Yeah”

Songs In A&E


Intermission 3 Background Music


Horace Silver Trio


New Faces – New Sounds


DJ:  Hell yeah! Spiritualized played us out on that last set with quite a departure in sound for them heading down the garage rock alleyway.  Usually, they’re so much more…chill.  Great tune, though, featuring Mick Collins and The Dirtbombs on backing vocals.  Austin, Texas band Greyhounds played us “Yeah Yeah Yeah” from their 2014 Ardent Records debut Accumulator.  Detroit legend Jackie Wilson gave us a little tune from his 1963 album Baby Workout.  What an album title.  At first glance, I would expect toddlers doing aerobics to this music.  Luckily its just a classic R&B album! One and two and fwee and foah…ha! New Zealander Liam Finn is the son of one of New Zealand’s most famous musicians, Neil Finn.  Neil formed Split Enz as well as Crowded House and would bring New Zealand into the world arena for music.  Liam began his solo career around age 17 and has toured with bands like Wilco, The Black Keys, and Pearl Jam.  We heard “Lead Balloon” from Liam’s debut 2007 album I’ll Be Lightning before Jackie.  Next up, we have Rufus Thomas doing an early b-side track “Yeah, Yea-ah”.  Rufus was a pioneer in soul music and his daughter Carla was anointed the Queen of Memphis Soul.  Carla sings with her dad on this tune but would make a name for herself when she teamed up with Otis Redding for the King & Queen album in 1967.  Let’s hear the father and daughter Thomas duo take us to soul town.

Set 4 –  Yes, Ma’am

FMF# Artist Song Album Year

Rufus Thomas

“Yeah, Yea-ah”

I Didn’t Believe / Yeah, Yea-ah – 7″



The Beatles

“She Loves You”

She Loves You / I’ll Get You – 7″


21 {Set 4 Score}

The Bloody Hollies

“Yeah Yeah”

Fire At Will



The Ramones

“Yea, Yea (Demo)”

Road To Ruin: Expanded Edition (2001)



Latch Key Kid

“Yeah Yeah Yeah”



Intermission 4 Background Music


Tomonori Hayashibe

“Yeah Yeah”

Yuri on ICE!!! Soundtrack


DJ:   Latch Key Kid had a hit with “Good Times” back in 2009.  The song was featured in the film I Love You, Man.  I was also a latchkey kid growing up, in case you were curious.  These days it seems more and more kids are latchkey kids due to parents having to work more and more to keep up with the bills.  We played a rare demo from The Ramones.  The band recorded “Yea, Yea” in 1981 for their album Pleasant Dreams, but eventually left it off the album.  Our Set 4 Score this week comes from garage punkers The Bloody Hollies.  The band formed in Buffalo, New York and released Fire At Will in 2003 before relocating to San Diego.  They’ve given us a few albums since then, but haven’t released anything since 2011’s Yours Until The Bitter End.  They do still tour, though!  Maybe we’ll get a show up in the North country someday.  We also heard a little-known tune by a little-known band from Liverpool, England.  The Beatles played us “She Loves You”, their 5th single ever released.  Behind us, we hear a super catchy garage rock tune from the soundtrack to anime series to Yuri on ICE!!!.  In this year’s Winter Olympic Games, several skaters chose selections from this soundtrack to skate to.  Makes sense, considering that’s what the show’s characters do.  Our fifth set starts off with the velvety Sam Cooke.  We lost Sam early on after he was shot and killed by Bertha Franklin in 1964.  His final words are said to have been, “Lady, You Shot Me”.  Sad as hell, man.  Here’s Sam doing the dance track “Yeah Man” from his first posthumously released album Shake.

Set 5 – Yeah x 5

FMF# Artist Song Album Year

Sam Cooke

“Yeah Man”




The Wedding Present

“Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah”






Hoops EP



The Maharajas

“Yeah Yeah”

In Pure Spite







Intermission 5 Background Music


Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

“Blue Turning Gray”

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah


DJ:   R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe told NPR last year that he struggled writing lyrics to “Man On The Moon”.  Subsequently, he took a stroll in Seattle with a Walkman on and decided what to write about.  He liked the idea that Kurt Cobain would add “yeah” to so many of his songs, so Michael added many, many more yeahs to his tune (and counted them at the end).  We smilingly listened to that example with “Lithium” capping off the 5th set.  Before Nirvana, we heard Little Steven’s favorite band The Maharajas.  Well, at least that’s what their website claims!  I mean, he has featured them on multiple episodes of Underground Garage so I’ll take it.  Indiana bedroom-dream-pop-rockers Hoops chilled us out a bit after a raucous cut from The Wedding Present.  “Yeah” comes from Hoops’ self-titled 2016 EP.  They put out their debut album Routines last year as well as a compilation of their first three tapes.  The Wedding Present released Watusi in 1994 on Island Records.  We featured the Leeds, England band on our Pachyderm Studios episode, as they recorded their prior album Seamonsters there.  You may have noticed Sam Cooke sing about the “Watusi” in “Yeah Man”.  I mean, how can you sing about the 60s dance craze without mentioning it?!  Coming up on our final set is FMF favorite Billy Childish and his band Thee Mighty Caesars.  You might’ve heard Billy featured with Thee Headcoats, or The Milkshakes, or just solo work.  Great UK garage rock!  Oh yeah!

Set 6 – Hell Yeah

FMF# Artist Song Album Year

Thee Mighty Caesars

“Oh Yeah”

Thee Caesars Of Trash



Lake Street Dive

“Hell Yeah”

Side Pony



The Fuzztones

“Yeah Babe”

Action – 12″



Bloodhound Gang

“Hell Yeah”

Hooray For Boobies



LCD Soundsystem

“Yeah – Crass/Stupid Version”

Yeah – 12″ Single


Outro Background Music


Daft Punk

“Oh Yeah”



DJ:  In the UK, LCD Soundsystem released that single as “Yeah – Crass Version”, but in the States it was released as “Yeah – Stupid Version”.  I love that!  I wonder if it happens often that bands change their “versions” of song titles when released in other countries?  Maybe we’ll do a show on it?  Before James Murphy and crew we played Pennsylvania’s craziest hip-hop/rock band Bloodhound Gang.  I got a chance to see them play back in 2006 and let me tell you; wow.  The crowd was requested to spit on them, the bass player Jared beer bonged a bottle of Jagermeister, and the crowd….oh boy the crowd was wild!  We heard “Hell Yeah” from their breakthrough smash album, 1999’s Hooray For Boobies.  “You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals…”  Garage rock staples The Fuzztones played us their b-side “Yeah Babe” from their 1990 Action EP.  We featured the A-side in our Day of Action episode.  Although more of a pop-rock band, Lake Street Dive gave us a great throwback tune with “Hell Yeah”.  As a former resident of Minneapolis, I have to give a shout out to a band that named themselves after our precious Lake Street.  Well “yeah” fans, its time to get outta here.  I’ve got some “no” people to see.  Find us next time on Feel Me Flow!

BONUS:  Too many colleagues are shocked that I didn’t include this song.  I wouldn’t want to listen to it, personally, but here’s the video if you thought this should’ve been on this playlist. PEACE UP. A-TOWN DOWN.

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