The Replacements releasing live album of 1986 Maxwell’s show

The legendary (and previously bootlegged) show was one of the last to feature the band’s classic lineup before Bob Stinson left the band. After decades of sitting in the vaults, the recordings are getting a proper release. Continue reading…

Source: The Replacements releasing live album of 1986 Maxwell’s show


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  1. I didn’t catch the Replacements for that particular show (though Hoboken wasn’t very far from where I lived at the time), but I do wonder what their level of sobriety and/or drunkenness was on that particular evening. Drunk Replacements were fun to watch, but not exactly sonically pleasant.

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    1. I thought I had read something about this was the tour/bunch of shows where Paul wrote “Shooting Dirty Pool” and a few other Pleased To Meet Me tracks based on his drunken/drug fueled experiences with fans out East. I’d love to have been at the CBGBs show or this one. Saw them for the final show at Midway Stadium in their native Twin Cities. One of the best concerts ever. We stood behind Craig Finn’s family as well!

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